Top 10 Strategy Games I love to play with my kids

One day I was in the park with my boys where they I make them run and physical activities, I realized as parents we don’t focus on their mental sports. I started checking what can I do to work on their mental development and realized that one of the best ways are to play mental games.

I started collecting board games and started to play with them twice a week. It’s a brilliant way to pass the time compete intellectually and have fun with family.
My favorite ones out of my year’s collection are –
10. Funskool Triplets – Objective is to get your three pawns in straight line vertically, horizontally or diagonally. 2-player game.

9. Funskool Master mind – Objective is to break the hidden code. One player will makes a code using different colors and other player has to breaks the secret code in 9 steps. 2-player game.

8. Funskool Rubik’s cube – Objective is to get same color on each side of cube. There are many types of cubes available in market like – 3X3 (the most common one), 2X2, 4X4, 5X5 etc. 1 player game.

7. Aadu Puli Aatam (The Tiger and The Goat) – Objective is the tigers try to kill goats and goats try to corner the tigers so they cannot move. A traditional game of Tamil Nadu India. 2-player game.
6. Funskool Battelship – The idea behind this board game is to find and sink your opponent’s ships before he sinks yours. 2-player game.

5. Ultimate Tic Tac Toe –The objective to manage 9 different Tic Tac Toe on one board at the same time. 2-player game.

4. Tangram – The objective of this puzzle is to make predefined shape using seven pieces. 1-player game.

3.  Funskool Othello – The objective of the game is to finish the game with the greater number of pieces of the same color. The player has to play in such a way that opponent’s color gets changed to his/her color. 2-player game.

2. Chess  -The objective of the game is to checkmate the king of other player. 2-player game.

1. Blokus – The objective of this strategy board game is to lay as many of your color pieces on the board as possible. Simple to teach, play to fun. It has 2 version for 2-player and 4-player option.